St.Thomas,ST.John,Water Island Wedding pictures

Sarah,Deb and Rosey

Sarah ,Std Poodle, Rosey Yorkie and me.




Family for Deb

Riley(White) on a bad hair day




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Celebrate your st thomas wedding on board your private charter

This couple had just been married on Honey Moon beach.



Gary and I on our wedding March 31,2011.

A perfect day!















St.Thomas and St.John photo gallery.

These are only a few, stay tuned because they will be changing .

Wedding on Water Island  U.S. Virgin Islands

Sapphire Point, St.Thomas, U.S.V.I



Water Island with Arch.






Sapphire has a perfect Natural aisle. No need for anything else.


Beach Weddings by Deb




boat wedding fun


Just a short walk from cruise ship to Catamaran. Have your wedding and reception onboard





Friends and family all have fun at your st john wedding.



You can have wedding on the beach or on shore. Easy on easy off.






steel pan on board



Plenty of seating and shade.






room for everyone on your private charter



No transportation needed from cruise ship to catamaran dock.









Private Island beach wedding


Took off from St.Thomas airport and landed on a private beach of Hans Lollik Island.





Brewsers Beach at Sunset


At certain times of the year the sunset is the best on the island at Brewers.







Wedding At Sapphire Beach St. Thomas , U.S.V.I.



Couple off of Cruise ship here to be married and back to the ship









Bridal couple went on a day sail with guest had lunch and wedding cake with an open bar. Spent the day snorkeling.