Cruise Ship Wedding

St.Thomas Cruise Ship Wedding

For bridal couples that have St Thomas as a port of call and want a cruise ship wedding within budget.

Please understand, this is not a hotel or cruise ship wedding itinerary where you have no freedom to choose.

You are planning your own itinerary with the information supplied in our Do it yourself St Thomas destination wedding ebook

Your day should be a personalized, customized wedding day where you get to make changes on how you envision your wedding day.

Basically, you’re in charge of your day and the memories!!

Tropical St. Thomas as a port of call.

Setting sun on Honeymoon beach

Water Island ‘s Honeymoon beach faces west. Great sunset beach weddings.

This picturesque island of St Thomas, measures 13 miles in length and less than 3 miles at its widest point, is 75 miles east of Puerto Rico
St. Thomas, the shopping hub of the Caribbean, is the capital and major port of the US Virgin Islands.

St Thomas is the the destination beach wedding capital of the Caribbean.

We have been helping cruise ship bridal couples for the past 15 years , make their dream beach wedding day come true.

Plan a St Thomas wedding by following our Do it yourself St Thomas destination wedding eBook with easy to understand information.

Just about every cruise line uses St Thomas as a major port of call.  We have worked with bridal couples that traveled on,Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises to name just a few.

We recommend starting here to check for the best travel rates:

once you have your date scheduled the fun begins.

See how to plan your date around port of call.

Find out how to schedule your ceremony to make sure vendors are on time and available.

cruise ship wedding

Cruise ship wedding with Do It Yourself guide to have a beautiful St Thomas beach wedding

Planning a cruise ship wedding

To provide a memorable and relaxing wedding, we suggest to customize an itinerary around your interests, tastes and expectations.

That way you can give your full attention  to getting married without any stress on your day.
You only need to be ready for a perfect day.

We can help you savor the memories of your destination wedding

You have plenty of time for a Cruise ship Wedding at one of St Thomas beaches find out how with our Do It your Self guide.

Celebrate your marriage with destination wedding

With our Do it yourself St Thomas destination wedding e-book.

you will save 40 -50% below cruise ship wedding packages from the cruise lines.

Our whole mission is to make your wedding day complete, happy and stress free.

My first advice to couples inquiring about getting married while traveling on a cruise ship, is visit the cruise ships wedding department. Then compare the difference.
This hint is my second piece of advise for bridal couples.

Hint:Always, always have travel insurance when planning your wedding.

Your tropical wedding is too important not to take precautions. The past couple months with hurricanes Irma and Maria has proven this to be true.
St Thomas and all of the U S Virgin Islands are rebounding fast and signs of the hurricanes will be less and less as the days go on. By the time you charter your trip and plan your beach wedding most signs of the hurricane will be gone.
But had you shceduled your wedding during the hurricanes would you have had travel insurance?

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