Wedding Packages

St.Thomas wedding Packages.

Don’t be hurried down the aisle.

That is why.

Our goal is to help you create the perfect wedding in St.Thomas .

You are entitled  to have blissful, wonderful, romantic memories of your special beach wedding .

We want your memory of St Thomas to be a happy, joyous occasion.

Find out the best way to get your paradise wedding and stay within your budget.

Each Bridal couple have an idea of what they would like for a wedding day.

It is almost a list of pick and choose. The sample list below will help you get started.

Just pick the items that are important to you.

  • Location:
  • Ceremony: Type religious or civil, Length important to you?
  • Guest: intimate just the two of you or guest
  •  Food: before, after or not at all.
  • Transportation to  Ceremony: Taxi, Limo or charted Van

You are in charge.  This is your day.

St Thomas beach wedding

Intimate or with guest. This is your wedding day

Quite a bit of a beach wedding planning is completed within the first few day of scheduling your trip.

When you arrive on island all planning should be completed.

Learn how to apply for marriage license

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